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Festival we are pleased to introduce our succeed experience to you for our leading of coyotes (Sexy Dancer) management in Thailand. We provide a lot of nice and suburb coyotes to benefit your club more successful.Our well trained staffs are looking forward to present your clients with our exciting performance including our amazing creation arts that we always improve? We also are the consultant for the clubs which have got some problems that could not escape, after use our service they are getting better and better. Over 15 years of our teams experiences in this field can be definitely full fill your target. Try us to succeed your aims.

About Us

We have started with a small amount of coyotes ( Sexy Dancers). We also have faced with a prompt problems about controlling people who come from different places. The confliction between the persons who concern had inspired us to realize that we should create the special training course program for? our staffs to ignore the regular problems that may occure We are sincerely to give them a better future by educate the mentioned program. With our well management we finally have become one of the successful group in this career.

Right now we are the first Coyote Academy in Thailand who provide the special Trainning Course Program for produce the best Coyotes for the leading Clubs in Thailand even the leading Clubs in Asia. Also we might problably be the biggest and

The Best Coyote Academy In Thailand.

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Are you ready to be a real successful whether you are just starting your coyote or dancer career or experienced professional, join us for a better future.


We are leading for well trained coyotes (Sexy Dancer) in Thailand. We provide such a nice experienced coyotes and join to the most famous club in Thailand and in Asia to make them more successfully with our special

“Trainning Course Program for the entertainment Coyote leader Clubs related.”